Super seafood

Seabloom is made in Europe from plant protein and sustainable seaweed harvested from the Celtic Seas. We’ve pioneered a way to bring these amazing natural ingredients together to deliver a unique plant-based seafood with a similar taste and texture, and all the goodness of traditional seafood such as tuna and cod.

For your plate, it’s delicious and just as versatile as its predecessor, but with the thumbs up from vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants the benefits of seafood without the ocean damage.

Blooming with life

Seaweed is a powerful nutrient, which has been present in the human diet for thousands of years, long before we started eating fish. Not many people realise that the goodness we get from fish actually comes from the algae they eat, not the fish itself. Which is why Seabloom products offer the same nutritional benefits as seafood.

Vegan & vegetarian

Natural ingredients

Source of protein

High in essential minerals

High in omega 3 fatty acids & amino acids

Source of iodine

Gluten free

Soya free

Mercury free

Good for you, good for the planet

SeaBloom Illustration

Seaweed is lifesaving, absorbing at least as much CO2 as trees, but without taking up anywhere near as much space. In fact, half of the oxygen we breathe is made by algae. Plus it regrows quickly and has little impact on the environment when farmed. Without our precious oceans and their vital ecosystems, some reports suggest carbon in the atmosphere today could be 50% higher. Every Seabloom product you buy is just the start. Nutritionally, environmentally, ethically, taste-wise – switching to Seabloom is a win/win.

Our mission

To discover new ways to unlock the taste, goodness and wonder of the sea so that the dream of a better future becomes a reality.

Greta Desforges-Hodgson, Founder

Our values


No matter how small, simple actions can add up to make a big difference


We make good, tasty food that everyone can choose and enjoy

Living well

Good to eat, good for you and good for the planet

Keeping it local

Sourced and made in Europe, we keep food miles low and taste values high

SeaBloom Photo Montage

A big change starts small

When something's not right

Take a trip to Cape Horn in South Africa and you may see majestic whales breaching out of the seas. You’ll also see massive industrial fishing vessels sucking the life from these oceans on the same horizon. To us, this wasn’t right. We had to do something different to protect our oceans.

Our light-bulb moment

When we discovered there were kelp forests rich in nutrients, growing abundantly under the water, this was our light-bulb moment. What if this seaweed could be made into a food that looked and tasted just as good as the seafood we were used to with all the same nutritional benefits too?

Plant based is the future

It didn’t take us long to realise that there are very few genuinely healthy plant-based seafood alternatives out there – and even fewer that can match the nutritional benefits offered by fish. The idea for Seabloom was born.

Frequently asked questions

What actually is Seabloom?

Seabloom is a range of delicious, nutritious 100% plant-based seafood alternatives. It’s made from plant protein and sustainable seaweed, creating a taste of the sea and a similar texture to fish. It has all the goodness of traditional seafood such as tuna and cod, without any of the ocean damage.

How do you use Seabloom?

As a plant-based, vegan alternative to seafood, Seabloom is amazingly versatile, quick and easy to prepare. Anyone can enjoy it whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just trying to eat more plant-based foods for your health or environmental reasons.

You can use Seabloom just like traditional seafood to incorporate more protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3s into your diet. As a healthy convenient snack, lunch or main meal, hot or cold, our delicious products have got it covered!

Where’s Seabloom sourced from?

All of our ingredients are sourced in Europe. Our seaweed is sustainably harvested from the Celtic Seas, and our products are made in northern France. We are committed to keeping food miles low and ensuring sustainability and transparency across our entire supply chain.

Is Seabloom healthy?

Yes! Our pioneering products are unique in that they are the only plant-based alternative to seafood that offer very similar nutritional benefits to fish, without the worry of mercury or plastic contamination. Our products are made from entirely natural ingredients, high in protein and important omega 3 fatty acids, as well as providing a good source of vitamins, minerals, iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. All the goodness you expect from traditional seafood, without the ocean damage.

Healthy for you. Healthy for the oceans. Healthy for the planet.

Why should I eat Seabloom instead of traditional seafood?

It is widely acknowledged that commercial fishing is no longer sustainable and is irreparably damaging marine life. Over-fishing and ‘bycatch’ are killing juvenile fish stocks and hundreds of endangered species such as turtles, dolphins and sharks. Disused nets and ‘ghost’ fishing gear are contributing to plastic pollution. Yet the oceans are as important as the rainforests to the health of our planet.

We believe a simple switch can have a big impact, and our oceans can thrive with a little help. By switching to Seabloom you’re starting that process. And you still benefit from all the goodness of the sea – all our products offer the same nutrition as fish – but without any of the ocean damage.

Nutritionally, environmentally, ethically, taste-wise – switching to Seabloom is a win/win.

Are all products vegetarian and vegan?

Yes. Our products are 100% plant-based and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. They are made from plant protein and seaweed and are accredited by the European Vegetarian Union (V-Label) and Vegan Society.

Are there allergens in Seabloom?

In short, no. Our products are produced using ingredients that do not contain fish, crustaceans, molluscs, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, egg, milk, celery, mustard, lupin, sesame seeds, sulphites or soya.

How is Seabloom mercury-free?

Seaweed contains only very small levels of mercury because it is at the very beginning of the food chain. The higher up the food chain, the more mercury accumulates, which is why longer-lived fish such as tuna and swordfish contain so much more.

Seabloom products only need very small amounts of seaweed to achieve very similar nutritional benefits as fish, which means we are able to make a plant-based alternative to seafood that is entirely mercury-free.

If Seabloom is made from seaweed, why isn’t it green?

Seaweed and algae can be red, green or brown. Seabloom is the colour it is because we use a unique blend of different types of seaweed. Our products are made from entirely natural ingredients and we don’t add any artificial colours or additives.

Why is Seabloom sold frozen?

There are many benefits to frozen foods. Primarily, we freeze our products to lock-in all the goodness of seaweed and algae and protect the great taste. It's also a really convenient way to store food because it's there when you need it and cuts down on food waste.

How should I store Seabloom and what’s the shelf life?

Seabloom 'Tuna Free' Flakes should be stored in the freezer, you just need to defrost it 2 hours before eating. You can also buy it frozen and store in your fridge when you get home, but it must be eaten within 3 days.

If in any doubt, please see the packaging for best before dates and storage instructions.

Can Seabloom be reheated?

Some Seabloom products, such as Seabloom ‘Tuna Free’ Flakes can, once defrosted, be eaten straight from the pack or heated and used in cooking. Others will require cooking first. Please refer to the back of pack for individual products.

Can I eat Seabloom cold?

That depends on the product. After defrosting, Seabloom ‘Tuna Free’ Flakes can be eaten straight from the tub, just as you would do with tinned tuna. Other products require cooking first. Please follow the instructions on the back of pack.

How eco friendly is the packaging?

We want to do our best for the planet across all aspects of Seabloom, from the ingredients through to the packaging and we are always looking for ways to improve things further. Our packaging is fully recyclable and wherever possible plastic-free.

What accreditations does Seabloom have?

Seabloom is fully accredited with the Vegan Society and the European Vegetarian Union (V-Label).

Why can’t I buy products in my local store?

We are a pioneering, young business working hard to increase availability.

As we know, small actions can make a big difference, so if you’d like to help us, help you help the oceans, please ask your local store to stock us!